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Welcome to Vivid Eye Care at Cranston Market and Meadows Mile. We are a full-scope optometry practice that provides residents of south Calgary communities with world-class eye care services.

We welcome you to visit our clinics when you’re looking for comprehensive eye care that goes above and beyond.

Adults that currently wear eyeglasses or contact lenses should have annual eye exams. Eye exams every 1 or 2 years are recommended for all individuals, even if you currently do not wear glasses. This is because many eye diseases do not present with symptoms when they first start forming. Without regular eye exams, the first sign something is wrong may be when you notice a change to your vision!

During your Eye Exam:

  • State of the art technology is used to ensure you are seeing your best and your eyes and entire body are healthy for life. Our equipment will amaze you with imaging of your eyes that you’ve never seen before – we love to show you how incredible your eyes are!
  • Friendly Doctors of Optometry will explain all the testing and make recommendations that are customized for your unique lifestyle
  • A knowledgeable, dedicated Personal Eyecare Consultant is with you every step of the way to ensure your personalized experience

After your Eye Exam:

  • A complimentary tune-up on your existing eye wear
  • If eye wear is needed, your personal eyecare consultant will provide a complimentary eye wear consultation and help you find the perfect solutions for your visual needs, budget and style
  • Within a few days, your Personal Eyecare Consultant will follow up with you to answer any questions or provide any further assistance until we “see” you again

Eye Exams for Your Whole Family

Our eye exams are tailored for the patients receiving them. Senior citizens and kids receive different tests based on their needs (which are informed by age, medical history, and current eye health).

Pediatric Eye Exam


Seniors Eye Exams


We Utilize Advanced Technologies That Empower Better Eye Care

Our practice uses equipment that enables our personal eye care consultants and eye doctors to gain a better understanding of your eye health, vision correction needs, and other components that allow us to provide a superior standard of eye care.

We employ two pieces of equipment – the Optomap Wide-field Retinal Camera and Nidek Ocular Coherence Tomography – which set the standard for optical imaging. Together, these two pieces of tech give us the ability to:

  • Create detailed images of your retina, macula, optic nerve, and other inner-eye structures that indicate changes to your vision or potential areas where disease may be forming.
  • Detect changes to your health before traditional diagnostic methods (such as the development of diabetes or signs of high blood pressure).
  • Closely monitor developing eye diseases to inform the most effective methods of treatment, including vision-threatening diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration.

In addition to empowering our doctors and staff to gain incredible insights into your overall eye health and vision needs, the technology we incorporate into our eye exams also improves patient comfort throughout the exam.

  • We use a “no puff” tonometer to measure eye pressure without the uncomfortable puff of air that has traditionally been used to obtain these measurements.
  • Our corneal topography equipment allows us to better inform contact lens fit as well as aid us when treating dry eye.
  • Most tests we perform are entirely non-invasive- our equipment does the heavy lifting!

Your Eye Exam From Start to Finish

If this is your first appointment with us there will be some registration information that we will complete together. This helps us gain perspective on your current eye health, vision care history to date, medical insurance information, and other important pieces that we need. Future appointments will not need this step to be completed.

The first stage of the exam involves meeting with your personal eye care consultant – an experienced technician that will stay with you for the duration of your appointment. They will perform several preliminary tests before you then meet with an eye doctor.

With the pre-tests completed, you will then meet with one of our optometrists. All our optometrists provide identical standards of care, so you can feel confident when you meet with them!

If you’re one of the lucky ones that don’t require vision correction, this step will not apply to you! However, for more than 70% of Canadian adults, corrective lenses are needed to provide proper vision. We will update your prescription to ensure that you can see to the best of your abilities.

Armed with your prescription, you’ll be invited to our optical dispensary where you can select from dozens of eyewear brands. Our selection is enormous, from Canada’s affordable favourites to exclusive brands from Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world.

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