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Glaucoma Testing & Management

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a relatively well-known and common eye disease that has the potential to lead to partial or complete vision loss if not treated early.

The biggest danger of glaucoma is that the condition can almost fully develop before showing any obvious symptoms. This is likely the reason why so many cases of glaucoma go untreated before it is too late.

Due to the nature of this disease, having a comprehensive eye exam completed at least annually during adulthood is the key to detecting and treating the disease early.

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The Doctors at Vivid Eye Care Can Diagnose and Manage Glaucoma

There is currently no real “cure” for glaucoma. However, if diagnosed early, its symptoms can typically be successfully treated and managed indefinitely. At Vivid Eye Care, our team of vision care experts have had many experiences and a strong track-record of success when it comes to helping our patients deal with glaucoma, so they can live an unhindered and fulfilling life.

As mentioned earlier, the most effective to diagnose glaucoma by having a comprehensive eye exam at regular intervals. Your comprehensive eye exam1 performed by our team at Vivid Eye Care always includes standard tests which detect glaucoma.
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Treatment for glaucoma often involves medications – meant to be taken regularly – which normalize intraocular eye pressure, therefore reducing stress on the optic nerve. In cases where medications are not suitable, surgery may be an option. Your optometrist will determine and advise the best course of action for you.

Types of Glaucoma

The most common form of glaucoma, it is caused by an increase in intraocular pressure in the eye which can damage the optic nerve. The majority of symptoms develop slowly and often go unnoticed until later development of the disease.

Acute angle-closure glaucoma occurs when the angle of the eye is too narrow, making the eye less efficient at facilitating fluid movement. This can lead up to a build up in intraocular pressure in the eye which can damage the optic nerve. Symptoms of this type of glaucoma typically develop very suddenly and damage can occur very quickly.

Despite having normal intraocular pressure, damage to the optic nerve persists.

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