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Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy Helps Children & Adults Look, Feel, & See Better

What Is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy can essentially be thought of as physiotherapy for the eyes and parts of the brain which control vision. Like physiotherapy, vision therapy employs a variety of exercises aimed at rehabbing the muscular functionality of the eye.

Vision therapy is becoming an increasingly popular vision correction option as it is non-surgical in nature. However, vision therapy is not meant to replace the consideration or need for eyewear, contacts or surgery when required.

In most cases, vision therapy patients are children. Young minds are the most adaptable, and because of this, children tend to respond best to vision therapy.

However, that is not to say that adults don’t also see benefit from vision therapy. Many adults have found significant improvement in their vision, hand-eye coordination, or eye alignment through vision therapy.

Who will benefit from vision therapy really comes down to the individual and their needs. We invite you to join us for a consultation to learn if vision therapy is an appropriate solution for you.

Vivid Eye Care Provides Vision Therapy

At Vivid Eye Care, we have a team of experts and professionals who are able to offer you customized and effective vision therapy. Beginning with a comprehensive eye exam, we will be able to determine how vision therapy can be integrated into your treatment to help improve your vision.

In many cases vision therapy on its own can be an excellent treatment choice. Alternatively, it is tailored to work in conjunction with surgery to increase the likelihood of success.

Schedule an appointment to discover how vision therapy could benefit you.

How Does Vision Therapy Help?

Training your eyes to follow a moving target.

Training both eyes to work together as a team.

Improving the ability to blend an image from each separate eye into a single, clear image using both eyes.

Training on focusing on specific objects at specific distances.

Improving general hand-and-eye coordination.

A modern day vision problem caused by the growing use of digital devices. Symptoms include blurred vision, eye fatigue, difficulty focusing, and headaches.

Also known as “lazy eye”, occurs when there is reduced vision in one eye. This is due to the brain and affected eye not communicating together properly.

Occurs when both eyes are misaligned and unable to point in the same direction because the eye muscles are no longer able to properly control movements.

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