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Children's Eye Exams

World Class Eye Care for Your Children, Right Here in SE Calgary. Visit Us at Vivid Eye Care.

Welcome to Vivid Eye Care at Cranston Market and Meadows Mile. We are a full-scope optometry practice that provides residents of south Calgary communities with world-class eye care services.

When Should Your Child Visit Us for Their First Eye Exam?

It is recommended that we first see your child at six months, and then annually thereafter. Many parents don’t realize that 1 in 4 schoolchildren require vision correction; without proper sight, academic success is nearly impossible.

The Alberta Association of Optometrists strongly recommends annual eye exams for school-age kids. It’s important to note that Alberta Health provides financial coverage for standard eye exams for all children under age 19.

Pediatric Eye Care Sets Your Child Up for a Lifetime of Great Vision

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Many eye conditions that can have lifelong implications for vision begin in young children. As their eyes grow, it is important to periodically screen for any problems that may need to be corrected.

Be assured that our eye exams are non-invasive and comfortable. We work to ensure everyone enjoys a comfortable and enjoyable experience with us.

We test for reflexes, visual acuity, awareness, and eye teaming. When children are unable to articulate or provide feedback, we perform tests that allow us to objectively observe the child to inform our findings. Eye exams for young children place increased emphasis on eye alignment problems, which include strabismus and amblyopia. When diagnosed early on, these conditions are relatively routine to treat through patching therapy or corrective surgeries. Eye alignment concerns usually begin in young children.It is relatively common for infants to have some degree of eye turn. This usually normalizes, but when it doesn’t within appropriate timelines, we dig deeper.

All exams are completed with care and consideration (and parental cooperation).

Eye health exams for older children centre around health and visual acuity. Growing eyes can change year after year, especially if your child already wears glasses or contact lenses.

A Generous Selection of Today’s Leading Eyewear Brands

Glasses are a style statement, and we help kids pick eyewear styles that look great! Our optical dispensary has hundreds of in-stock designer frames. Try on designs from Skechers, Guess, Ogi, Ray-Ban, and more!

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What Our Eye Exams Are Looking For

In addition to refractive errors that impair vision, there are numerous other parts of the eye that can cause discomfort or changes to vision. Congenital glaucoma, for example, is a serious condition that can dramatically reduce eyesight, and it develops in young children. While serious concerns are rare, it is important that we are diligent so that we can properly treat them if found.

Our eyes work as as team. Depth perception, for example, is greatly impaired if only one eye is providing input. It takes two healthy eyes to produce normal vision. In kids, we assess eye teaming (how well they work together), range of motion, responsiveness, and overall ability to focus.

The reason most Canadians wear glasses, refractive errors are quite common in kids. Around 25% of children require vision correction due to a refractive error.

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