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Pairing the Right Lenses with Your New Frames

Our eye care consultants are up-to-date on developments in our field. We work hands-on with modern evolutions in lens technology to help our patients and customers find the right lens for their needs. 

Our team is also proud to offer Nova and Hoya eyeglass lenses to our patients and customers. Both Nova and Hoya are leaders in optics and vision correction. 

Visit us today to learn more about the different lenses you can pair with your frames. We are always happy to help you find the right lenses for your needs.

What to Look for in Your Eyeglass Lenses

  • Affordability plays an important role. We carry lenses at all price ranges and will help you make the right decision.
  • Function and features. Choose your lens based on use (computer, outdoors, office work, etc.).
  • Filters and coatings. Reduce UV exposure, filter out HEV light, and eliminate glare.
  • Power and ability. Do you need a single power in your glasses, or do you want a progressive lens with multiple focusing powers?

We’re Here to Help!

Your vision needs are our priority. We take the time to understand your eyes and vision and pair you with lenses that fit your vision needs and lifestyle. 

Visit us today to explore the different lens options we offer and find a good fit.

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Hoya provides a full range of proprietary lens materials, advanced designs for virtually every sight correction requirement, and superior scratch and anti-reflection coatings using Hoya's world-renowned Substrate Matching Properties™ processes.

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Maui Jim

Maui Jim is the fastest growing American maker of premium polarized sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, and ophthalmic frames in the world! It all began in Lahaina, Hawaii, with a need for sunglasses that could eliminate the harsh Hawaiian glare without distorting the colors of the island scenery. Today, Maui Jim also produces stunning, high-quality ophthalmic frames.

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ZEISS provides a broad performance spectrum in each lens category to best serve individual consumer needs.  Individualized premium ZEISS freeform lenses provide the highest degree of customization in lens design and the optimal visual experience.

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Cranston Market

Our Cranston Market clinic is part of the Cranston Market Clinic and is just 2 minutes off Deerfoot Trail near Stoney Trail SE. We’re located on Cranston Road SE, located in the same plaza as Sobeys and Scotiabank.

Our Address

  • 356 Cranston Road SE #1020
  • Calgary, AB T3M 0S9

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Meadows Mile

Our Meadows Mile clinic is located on the ground level of the Meadows Miles Professional Building facing Blackfoot Trail. We are just 2 minutes from Deerfoot and Glenmore Trail between Southland and Heritage Drives, up the hill from Ikea near the luxury car dealerships.

Our Address

  • 8500 Blackfoot Trl. SE, Unit 130
  • Calgary, AB T2J 7E1

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