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Can Playing Video Games Damage Your Eyes?

Can Playing Video Games Damage Your Eyes? The video gaming industry started in the 1980s and has since hit the masses, with Canada becoming the third-largest globally. Video gaming isn't just for the younger generation. In 2020 alone, the 61% of Canadians who play have an average age of 34. …

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Top 9 Eye Exercises for Eye Strain

Top 9 Eye Exercises for Eye Strain Your eyes work hard every day and, like other muscles in your body, your eyes can feel sore or tired after intense use. Eye strain is a common condition that many people experience. This can happen during long drives, when reading for long…

Published: 2022-05-09Read Article
Does Rubbing Your Eyes Cause Floaters?

Does Rubbing Your Eyes Cause Floaters? Causing Eye Floaters Spotting an object floating across your vision can be a startling experience. It won’t go away, but is it harmful? Eye floaters can be a symptom of multiple eye conditions. Most floaters are harmless, but they can sometimes indicate an eye…

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Are Eye Styes Contagious?

Eye Problems: Styes Eye problems are more than vision problems. The health of our eyes is affected by many things, from how well-rested we are to wearing eye makeup. Regular eye exams can help us protect our health and our sight. However, you can also visit an eye doctor for…

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When Is Eye Pain an Emergency?

If you are experiencing eye pain, we always recommend visiting us in person at Vivid Eye Care to discern whether the situation is cause for serious concern. Eye emergencies typically involve your eyes experiencing damage or distress which can result in a potential loss of vision without proper treatment. If…

Published: 2022-01-28Read Article