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How to Stop Computer Vision Syndrome [Digital Eye Strain]

When was the last time you had a headache or heavy eyes at the end of a long day of work? Before you change your prescription, you should become familiar with the symptoms of computer vision syndrome (AKA digital eye strain). To protect your eyes from this common condition, it…

Published: 2021-04-09Read Article
Why Your Kids Should Play Outside (Even in the Winter)

Between the growing presence of digital entertainment, the cold winter weather, and the pandemic, our kids are spending more time inside than ever. In fact, one UK study found that today’s children spend approximately half as much time outside as their parents did when they were children. There are lots…

Published: 2021-03-04Read Article
What Causes High Myopia (Extreme Nearsightedness)?

Myopia is the world’s most common refractive error, affecting over 1.9 billion people on planet Earth. However, at least 70 million of those people suffer from an extreme form of the condition known as high myopia, which can cause additional health risks and more severe vision problems. What’s the difference…

Published: 2021-03-03Read Article
Everything You Need to Know About Ortho-K

Ortho-k is an excellent treatment for anyone who doesn't like wearing glasses but isn't ready to commit to laser eye surgery. These specialty contact lenses are also an excellent method of myopia control, preventing kids' nearsightedness from getting significantly worse before they reach adulthood. Take a look at this helpful…

Published: 2020-01-10Read Article
Is Your Eye Makeup Hurting Your Eyes?

I recently came across a new study conducted in the UK that shows, according to a general public cross-section, sight is the most valued and highly regarded sense. This is something always suspected, but until now there has been little empirical evidence to support it. It goes without saying that…

Published: 2019-12-27Read Article