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Why You Should Buy Glasses From Your Optometrist

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A female optician checking to see if the female patient's glasses are sitting on her face correctly

Optometrists and opticians play a pivotal role in not just helping us see better but in ensuring the health and well-being of our eyes. This extends to providing quality eyeglasses for prescription wear. 

Purchasing your glasses from your optometrist provides patients with expert advice, quality assurance, high customer care, and insurance ease. 

Getting your glasses from the same place as your eye exam is ideal so that our doctors and opticians can work together to understand your visual needs, work and play environment, and customize visual solutions for you. This is also important if there are any issues so our team can troubleshoot together.

Our personalized approach to care, the Vivid Eye Experience is designed to go above and beyond for our patients! This is something online retailers cannot offer. 

The Expert Advantage

The role of an optometrist is to provide quality eye care, and this extends to glasses. Eye care is not a one-size-fits-all industry, and customized care is what makes sure your lenses match your eyes, creating the clear vision you need.

The optometrist, who conducts your eye exam, has taken your health and lifestyle into account before issuing your prescription. Vision problems can indicate underlying health issues, and it’s key to ensure your prescription considers all aspects of your well-being. This attention to detail is not replicated by standardized online tests or generic lens options.

An optician is an eye care specialist who can translate your prescription into functional and comfortable glasses. Their expertise can help you find the right eyeglasses and lens options that are compatible with your lifestyle and vision needs. 

Opticians are skilled in helping you find the frames that are compatible with the size of your face and can help you decide which glasses frame complements and enhances your features. They are skilled in taking the appropriate measurements needed for your glasses. 

Your vision prescription is just one part of what goes into the crafting of your glasses. The measurements for your eyeglasses, including your pupillary distance, the frame size, and checking the glasses are well-adjusted, are crucial parts of eye care.

At Vivid Eye Care, we use a tool called OptikamPad, which is an iPad App that helps opticians take custom measurements for each patient. Using the app, we take 16 custom measurements of the patient’s eyes, face, and frame to optimize the lens positioning for the best possible vision

If the adjustment of your glasses is off, this can affect the clarity of your vision. Opticians can adjust as needed to help provide quality vision. 

Online retailers increase the risk of individuals receiving glasses with incorrect measurements, adjustments, and prescriptions. Inaccurate measurements can lead to discomfort, blurry vision, eye strain, and headaches. Purchasing glasses online means compromising quality. This is especially risky with children’s glasses. Children may not recognize that their glasses are made incorrectly and over a prolonged time, this could contribute to amblyopia (permanent loss of vision).

The precision of measurements at an optometry clinic offers quality care that online vendors simply can’t match. Once your eyeglasses are received from the lab, the optician verifies that the glasses received fit your prescription. This helps us catch any potential errors before the glasses make it to our patients! 

The Ability to Try Them On

Purchasing your glasses from your optometrist in person allows you to explore a variety of frames and lens options. For most people, trying on different pairs of funky glasses with friends or family is what they look forward to the most. 

Take advantage of the variety of frame options we offer at Vivid Eye Care and try something new! 

Online options don’t provide customers with the opportunity to try frames on in person. Virtually seeing how the glasses look on a face doesn’t offer the same experience, and won’t tell you how comfortable or stable the frames might be.  Our friendly and skilled opticians will give you an honest opinion on the fit and style of your glasses. 

If you already have a glasses frame that you love and would like to update the lenses with us, bring in the frames and we can discuss your options! 

An optometrist hands a patient a new pair of glasses

Quality & Customer Care

Purchasing glasses online doesn’t guarantee saving money.

Optometry clinics provide ongoing promotions on frames and lens options. Sometimes, these prices may be less than online options once you factor in the quality of materials, and added benefits. Optometry clinics often maintain partnerships with lens labs that translate into cost-effective high-quality lens options.

Online retailers offer attractive price tags and hidden costs such as return shipping, upgrades, and quality issues. This adds up! On top of this, the accuracy of the glasses’ prescription and measurements are questionable. 

Purchasing your glasses from your optometrist often comes with additional warranties that protect your glasses against usual wear-and-tear and manufacturing defects. 

Maximize Your Benefits

Navigating the complexities of vision insurance can be a headache. We can help make the process easier by offering the convenience of direct billing

When you purchase your glasses at the same place that handles your examination and assessment, the direct billing system simplifies the insurance process. Enjoy the full scope of your coverage without the hassle of paperwork, claims, or reimbursements.

If you have a budget that’s outlined by your insurance, our team can work with you to try and stay within this budget.

Visit Our Team in South Calgary

Purchasing your glasses online means quality is compromised. Your eyes deserve better. That’s why you should only purchase glasses from trusted eye care professionals.

Visit the team of experienced optometrists and opticians at Vivid Eye Care in South Calgary. We have a large selection of frames available for you, and we would love to help you find your next pair. We appreciate your continued support when purchasing glasses, contact lenses, and sunglasses.

Your patronage of our locally-owned business allows us to further invest in training and equipment to give you the best possible eye care. Your support also allows us to give back to our local communities.

We now have two locations to serve you! You can book an appointment at our Cranston Market or Meadows Mile location.


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